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dancing bears

Welcome to . . .

Geyser Bob's Greater Yellowstone History Athenaeum

Providing a bounty of historical information and archival photographs of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and the surrounding gateway
communities in Montana, and Idaho. The most complete source of information on the historic hotels, camps, stores, gateway communities, and early concessionaires in Yellowstone!

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* athenaeum : (ath·e·ne·um) noun
1) an institution for the promotion of literary or scientific learning.
2) a library or reading room.

This new website is a work-in-progress, and will eventually replace my web site. Unfortunately, for the second time in 20 years, I (and others) are essentially being booted off from HostGator.


The first time was when Yahoo dis-banded their Geocities web platform. This current issue is due to the Plesk Parallels platform no longer being supported by HostGator. Eventually my .org web site (mine and many others) will be turned off, but no timeline has been made available at this time.

So, bear with me as I slowly try to recreate and improve my Yellowstone histories with Luckily this new platform is much simpler and easier to use, and will create a more consistent theme across the many pages.

Happy Trails,

Robert V. Goss, aka Geyser Bob

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For those of you new to my web site, it has very little (if any) information about Geysers. There are any number of web sites out there that can help you out with that sort of information. This is about Yellowstone's vast history of the tourist industry and those persons and companies that supported it.

Geyser Bob was a stagecoach driver for 30 years (1883-1913) in Yellowstone National Park. He was known as a teller of tall tales and a prevaricator extraordinaire, with just enough truth thrown in to cause many greenhorns, pilgrims, etc., new to the West, to actually believe him.

A newspaper writer in 1888, once described him:

"There was until recently a driver in Yellowstone Park named Geyser Bob, whose reputation as a liar had gained him great renown. He was rocked in the cradle of prevarication, nurtured on distorted facts and arrived at vigorous manhood the champion all-round liar of the Rockies."

He seemed a likeable enough sort of fella, so I purloined his moniker as my web nom de plume.

I hope he won't find offence.  Ole Bob (Robert Edgar officially), once related a story of how he got his name (there are many):


"One day a cultured lady from the East, who was receptive to any story told of the park, plied Bob with innumerable questions.  She asked Bob if any one had ever fallen into a geyser and lived.  ‘I told her that one time I was walking near the Giant geyser at Old Faithful basin and slipped in,’ said Bob.  ‘The water carried me through the channel underground so fast that I did not have time to get burned and washed me up into the crater of Old Faithful and then threw me out.  The lady believed the story and thought it was so good that she pointed me out as a world’s wonder and the boys christened me ‘Geyser Bob.’” 

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