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Yellowstone Hotel & Transportation Companies

Bear-in-Circle Logo Through the Years

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Yellowstone Park Association


Created in 1886 by the Northern Pacific RR to take over the properties and operation of the bankrupt YPIC. The heads of the company included Charles Gibson, Nelson C. Thrall, Frederick Billings, and John C. Bullitt. Harry Child, Edward Bach, and Silas Huntley purchased the company in 1901 with financing from the Northwest Improvement Co. Child acquired full ownership in 1907, and on December 9, 1909, Child had the name of the company changed to the Yellowstone Park Hotel Co

yellowstone Park Association Hotels
yellowstone Park Association Hotels
yellowstone Park Association Hotels
Yellowstone Park Association Hotels decals

Top Left:  This decal is 4" diameter.  The photo for these decals was taken by F.J. Haynes in the early 1890's at the Fountain Hotel garbage dump.  You can still see the cans in the foreground.  In later years the foreground was stylized to represent small trees, logs and

Top Center:  Paper decal, 1 inch,seen on envelopes, stationary, luggage, etc.

Top Right:  Paper decal, 1 inch, for use on mailing envelopes. 

Bottom Left:  Paper decals, 1 inch size, perforated like stamps.

Yellowstone Park Hotel Co.


Formed Dec. 9, 1909 by H.W. Child to take over the operation of the Yellowstone Park Association, which he also owned. Son Huntley Child was chosen as vice-president and son-in-law William Nichols became secretary. Child remained head of the YPHCo until his death in 1931, when Wm. Nichols took over the helm.  At that time Vernon Goodwin became vice-president and Hugh Galusha was retained as controller.  The company remained in control of the park hotels until 1936, when the company was merged with the Yellowstone Park Boat Co., Yellowstone Park Transportation Co., and Yellowstone Park Lodge & Camps Co. to form the Yellowstone Park Company.

Yellowstone Park Hotels

Left:  Paper decal, 1-1/2 in to 4 inch, used on luggage, envelopes, postcards, stationary, etc.

Right:  Metal pinback, about 1-1/4 inch diameter. Very prolific, even these days.

Yellowstone Park Hotels pinback
Yellowstone Park Hotels decal OF Geyser

Left:  Paper decal, 1-1/2 in to 4 inch, used on luggage, envelopes, postcards, stationary, etc.

Right:  Brass watch fob from 1912.  Stamped on back:

Mid-West Delegation
Chicago Special

Yellowstone Park fab 1912 bear

Yellowstone Park Company


Formed in 1936 under the direction of Wm. Nichols, with Vernon Goodwin as vice-president, Mrs. Harry Child was a principle stockholder. The company was formed by the mergers of the Yellowstone Park Transportation Co., Yellowstone Park Hotel Co., Yellowstone Park Lodge & Camps Co., and the Yellowstone Park Boat Co. The company received a 20-year lease in August.  The Child-Nichols family sold the company to Goldfield Enterprises on February 4, 1966 for 6.5 million dollars. Goldfield became a part of General Host, Inc. The Park Service, increasingly frustrated by General Host’s dismal record of service in the park, canceled the contract in October of 1979 and paid 19 million for all of YPCo’s park buildings and assets. TWA Services received the new concession contract later that year and changed the name of the company.

Yellowstone Park Company decal

Very common paper decal, found in sizes 1-1/2 and 4 inch. 12 inch water-transfer decal were used on the side door panels of company vehicles.

Yellowstone Park Company cloth patch

Soft cloth patch that could be sewn on to employee uniforms.

Yellowstone Park Co. linen patch

Linen iron-patch used on employee uniforms

TW Services, Amfac, and Xanterra Parks & Resorts.

In 1979, the government bought out all the Yellowstone Park Co. assets in the Park, and a new short-term lease was granted to TWA Services, with extensions and renewals based on performance.  The name was changed to TW Services in 1984 and TW Recreational Services in 1988.  Amfac Parks & Resorts, who had purchased the Ferd Harvey Company in 1968, bought out TWR Services in 1995 and was renamed Xanterra Parks & Resorts in 2002.

TWA Service Yellowstone Park

The top three items are all cloth patches for employee uniforms. To the left was a sew-on patch, about 4 inch size, while the other two were iron-on patches, about 3 inches in length..

Bottom left is Amfac logo, using dark green lettering. To the right is a TWR paper decal about 3 inches long.

TW Services Yellowstone Park
Amfac Parks & Resorts Yellowstone
TW Recreational Services Yellowstone

Yellowstone Park Transportation Co.

1898 - 1936

Formed in 1898 by Harry Child, with brother-in-laws Silas Huntley and Edward Bach to take over the operation of the Yellowstone National Park Transportation Co.. They received a 10-year lease on March 31. Huntley died about three years later and his shares reverted to NorthWest Improvement Co. Bach sold his shares to NWIC in 1902, leaving Child  in full control. In 1917 the stagecoaches were put out to pasture and White Motor Co. buses took over the roads. William Nichols, who took over the company in 1931 after Child’s death, merged the YPTCo with the YPHC, YP Lodge & Camps Co., and the YP Boat Co. in 1936 to form the Yellowstone Park Co. 

Yellowstone Park Transportation Co.

YPTCo decal, 1-inch and 2-inch are known

Yellowstone Park Transportation Co. brass badge

YPTCo brass badge, or driver's cap emblem. This dates to the 1920s - early 1930s.

Yellowstone Park Co. Transportation Division

Yellowstone Park Co brass badge, or driver's cap emblem, about 2-inch in size.. This dates to the post-1936 era. Notice the 'T' missing in the center.

Variations on a Theme

From the 1890s to  1940s

Lander-Yellowstone Park Transportation Co.
Monida-Yellowstone Stage Co. logo
W.A. Hall Store, Gardiner Montana
Summit Hotel, Monida Montana

Top Left:  Logo of the Lander-Yellowstone Park Transportation Co., who drove tourists from Lander, Wyo. to Moran Jct. near the Tetons. They began business in 1921 when a new highway opened over Togwotee Pass. The image is of Dick Washakie, son of famed Shoshone Chief Washakie.

Top Center:  Logo for the Summit Hotel in Monida, Mont. It opened in 1898 when the Monida & Yellowstone Stage Co. began hauling tourists from Monida through the west entrance of Yellowstone,

Top Right: Logo for the Monida Line & the Monida & Yellowstone Stage Line. The company operated 1898-1913.

Middle Left: Logo for the Monida & Yellowstone Stage Co., 1898-1913.

Middle Right: Logo for the Milwaukee Road RR, and the Gallatin Gateway route to Yellowstone. Service was provided through the west entrance of the park by the YPTCo. beginning in 1928.

Bottom Left:  W.A. Hall Store in Gardiner, Mont., at the north entrance to Yellowstone, located next to the Roosevelt Arch.

Bottom Right:  Logo for the Cody Road to Yellowstone, traveling through Wapiti Valley and over Sylvan Pass into Yellowstone. Cody was home to Buffalo Bill.

Monida-Yellowstone Stage Co. logo
Gallatin Gateway to Yellowstone, Milwaukee Road
Cody Wyoming Home of Buffalo Bill
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